Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo Box-BL2


If you require a spacious room in your car to carry your cargo, then it is very important that you be aware that there are several cargo boxes that can be mounted on the roof of your car. It is essential to pause and hold on before you set to the market to purchase the cargo box that you will always be traveling along with

All cargo carriers are not similar they are designed in variable types and models to suit every need a car owner may be searching for Cargo boxes, travel bags, and roof baskets are among the very made-special-carriers with the special purposes. These carriers have their own and weakness. All of them are fixed in the roof rack of a car or the roof-rails. This a focuses on the review of Thule 612 Hyper XL Rooftop Cargo Box.

Buying guideline to the best rooftop cargo carrier

Accessibility: There are cargo boxes that can only be opened from back and others are opened from the front. To avoid any inconveniences when you are either on the driver seat or the passage seat, then look for a cargo box that opens from both the back and front side.

Durability: The money you use to purchase your box should be equivalent to the lifetime of the product you purchase. Ensure the cargo box you buy is made up of a material that is strong enough to overcome all the challenging weather conditions and can last long enough.

Shape: Shape is very important when choosing your cargo boxes. Imagine having a cargo box with cuboid shape, this definitely will be a problem because it will increase air resistance while you are moving. This is why if you need your best choice then identify one with an aerodynamic shape. This will minimize wind noise.

Size: Avoid a situation where you buy your rooftop carrier and you realize it cannot feet in your car It is essential to note that these carriers range from around 10- 25 cubic feet. This will help you get the best cargo box that matches the size of your car.

Security: You need to purchase a cargo box that will not compromise the security of whatever you are carrying on the box. This means that it should have a lock and the material it is made of should not be one that can be torn easily.

Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo Box This product is manufactured by Thule Company and it entails several adjustments when compared to other carrier bags that had been made before by this company. It is the best choice if you ever need to travel safely with your luggage without being worried.

Key features 

This is a 17 Cubic Foot-Cargo-Box where the design in which it is made take into consideration the style and efficiency. This design fits those who may be in need for the boxes with an aerodynamic shape. This shape ensures a reduction in the car from being dragged by the wind hence a minimal noise during movement. This makes it the best box with aerodynamic shape available.

Rear-angled base

This cargo box for sale has a rear-angled-base and the point at which it is mounted to the vehicle is wide which make the clearing the box very easy. It is packed with a tight-load-bar-mounting system and an Acu-tight-knob to ensure when you load your box you can be able to close it without any difficulty.

Oversize Secure Lock

With this feature in your cargo box, you need not be worried about the security of your cargo. This is because you are able to lock the box. There is also an advanced key (Two One-Key) system that protects someone from reaching the gear in the box and the headwear that mounts the securing box to the load bars.

Dual side opening box design

This box can be opened from both two sides this ease the accessing process. It allows the internal mounting system to be easily accessed on both sides of the box. Thus reduced time loss when loading and offloading your box contents


  • The advanced key lock make it secure and safer way to transport your products
  • A dual opening of the box on two ends saves time for loading and offloading goods
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • AeroNose reduces drag and minimizes wind noise during movement

Customer review

This product has been reviewed by 23 customers giving it an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars with 70% of the customers giving it a rating of 5 stars.


This material used to make the handle is not strong enough and may not last long if not well taken care of. It is also very expensive which make it not easy to raise the funds to purchase it.


With this information on the guideline to getting the best cargo carriers, I believe Thule 612 Hyper XL Cargo Box will be your best choice since it entails all the qualities of a rooftop a cargo a person may be looking for You can get this rooftop cargo carrier in Amazon.


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