JEGS Performance Products 90098-Bl3

If you are in need of a rooftop cargo box to help you carry your cargo on your care when traveling with your family, then you may conceder purchasing a JEGS Performance Products 90098 -I3L2 which is designed to meet all your traveling needs. Its size and shape make it beloved by most people hence making it to gain popularity in the market. This best roof cargo box has very interesting features that you may have already wished any cargo box of your own to have It’s very durable and can make your property safe.


1. A capacity of 18 cubic feet

If you are going to purchase this kind of a cargo carrier, then you need to be assured of its capability to hold about 18 cubic feet. With this kind of space in your care, you will be able to transport more luggage than you May have probably imagined. Let the space inside your car be for your family and friends, keep extra luggage on your car rooftop.

2. Aerodynamic design

Aerodynamic design provides you with the best way to protect your car from being dragged by the wind. The box is also smooth which make it look nice. With the technology of this kind, be sure that you will be able to save some fuel for your next travel. The cargo box has bee lashes ensuring the cargo box contents are fully sealed hence free from damage.

3. High-density polyethylene with an added Ultra-Violent inhibitor

I’m very sure you may not want to have a cargo box to that expose your property to a high ultraviolet radiation. This cargo box protects your cargo from being rained on or from being destroyed by bad weather. The high-density material is also able to offer you a long-lasting material that can take years to get destroyed. It’s perfect for varying weather seasons.

4. Covered locks

Since security starts with you, it, therefore, means that you can always make the right choices to protect your property by buying JEGS Performance roof top cargo box Products 90098 since it is equipped by inbuilt security locks with keys to ensure you are always in control of your property. This for sure will help you to have full concentration as you drive instead of thinking about your cargos.

5. Limited lifetime warranty

The manufacturing company of this product offers a limited lifetime warranty to help every buyer to have a high quality of their products. You will not have to get worried if your box got some technical problems, you can just contact the manufactures for your warranty claim about the rooftop cargo

Pros of the product.

  •  It can be mounted on any car because of its round-square design
  • Doesn’t require any tool for mounting hence time-saving
  • With a high-density polyethylene material, your rooftop cargo box is durable
  • It’s spacious with a holding capacity of 18 cubic feet
  •  Inbuilt security lock with keys make it a highly secured cargo box

Customer reviews and scores

JEGS Performance Products 90098 has been reviewed by 74 customers on Amazon giving it cargo box review rating of 44 out of 5 stars. 70% of the customers have given this product a rating of 5 stars with other 16% rating it with 4 stars. This implies that most of the customers have obtained the full satisfaction they expected from the product. This makes it a trusted product in the market.

Cons of product

Customers who had the cross rail system in their car which have a rating lower than 150 lbs. could not be able to use this cargo box, but thanks the company for doing the adjustment to ensure these problems are fixed. Other customer had lost the key to the cargo box and had a tough time to access the content.


From the information given above concerning the best features pros and cons of JEGS Performance Products 90098, it is ideal to make your own judgment concerning this product. It has the full super qualities you would expect for any cargo to have If you are looking a cargo box for sale, then just check your best offer on Amazon with the link so that you can make your order of this best rooftop cargo box.

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