Traxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper

TraXion is one of the reputable brands when it comes to the manufacture of engineered truck accessories outdoor gear and tools. From gun stabilizers to mobile boot scrappers, gear seat and topside creepers, TraXion offers a wide range of engineered products to make various activities less hustle. The ProGear topside creeper for instance is one of the most fashionable and durable within its category. Here is brief descriptive review of the creeper including how it works, its features, pros and cons.

How it works

Like most other models, the ProGear creeper is a foldable padded-frame vehicle accessory that allows you to bring more flexibility into accessing the top area of the vehicle. It only takes 12 minutes to assemble and an I-base design makes positioning quite flexible. You can follow the simple setup instructions that come with the creeper. Once set up, you can raise the height from 53 inches to 75 inches in increments of 12 inches. With padding everywhere including the frame, TraXion ProGear topside creeper is very comfortable. It also easily fold into a compact storage that can fit in your trunk.


TraXion topside creeper comes with various trademark features from the manufacturer including upholstered slides and a unique design. The two main features characterizing its design include:

  1. Adjustable height I-base design — this design allows users to access up to 140 inches of space around the engine compartment. The design slightly bends at an angle that makes it easy to reach most parts. It simply brings more flexibility into positioning and can be used for most topside engine repair work. As aforementioned, the creeper can be adjusted from 53 to 75 inches accommodating most vehicles.
  2. Removable upholstered cover slides — instead of the common hardwood plywood decks, TraXion utilizes slides that sit on top of a sling. These removable slides are padded for increased comfort and can be detached for cleaning. The deck also has 2 different positions for even more flexibility.


  1. Offers more access and flexibility when working around top vehicle compartments.
  2. Ergonomic padded creeper that offers more comfort for anyone under 400 lbs.
  3. Easily folds into compact storage and has small wheel casters for easy movement.


  1. Adjusting the height can be quite a battle
  2. The machining quality of the holes is less impressive
  3. The slide padding, while comfortable, is inadequate
  4. The provided cord control will only be useful when working with regular power tools


Despite its benefits, TraXion ProGear topside creeper seems to draw a number of concerns that will be hopefully addressed in future models from the company. It is still ideal for general purpose engine repair duties and provides 40% more access around front compartments of most vehicles. Seasoned mechanics will probably find it durable and viable, yet a long way from being the best design. It is advisable to purchase from credible licensed retailers that can guarantee original genuine products from the manufacturer.

Warranty package

TraXion backs their topside creeper with a limited manufacturer warranty on parts mainly the frame. There is an option to request warranty information from the customer service and find out more about what is covered.

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