INNO Wedge Cargo Box


Have you ever encountered a space problem with your car? Well, you will realize that at some point when you are traveling with your family members, you will need to carry some of their luggage. This can limit the space your car can hold and to some extent make them be very uncomfortable. To avoid such problems, you can buy INNO Wedge Cargo Box which has been rated as the best accessory your car may need. Lest find out more about this best rooftop cargo box.

FeaturesINNO Wedge Cargo Box

ABS plastic constructionINNO Wedge Cargo Box

Considering one of the best improvement done by this company, you will discover that the cargo box has a very strong and durable ABS plastic construction. The casing is very effective when you are traveling during harsh weather conditions as it will protect your luggage. Think about rain and UV rays that could probably destroy your items. Another advantage of this casing is that it reduces the impact whenever accidents occur and keep your items intact.

Aerodynamic design

Design of the cargo box plays a very important role. A good way to get the best cargo box is to find out if it’s made with an aerodynamic design, this not only helps to minimize the noise but allows help to reduce the air drag that in turn help to minimize the usage of car fuel.

Lock system and safety key

INNO Wedge Cargo BoxSafety and security have been taken into account whenever you purchase this rooftop cargo box. The box comes with an advanced lock system and a safety key. With these features, theft and robbery can be minimized and you will always be under control of your property. Even if you stop by for a cup of coffee, you won’t have to be worried about the safety of your cargo box.

Mounting hardwareINNO Wedge Cargo Box

Sometimes time may be very limited and you may not have the whole day to do the mounting and unmounting task. INNO has modified this sector and you will not need complicated to tools to deal with the mounting process. The mounting hardware is tool free which can help you to spend less time when mounting it on top of your car. Do not forget that the cargo box is just 42-521bs which won’t bother you when carrying it.

Dual side openingINNO Wedge Cargo Box

his is a good feature when it comes to the best cargo box. It allows you to access all the content of your box from both sides of the car. Sometimes you may find yourself in a busy location and you need to offload the content of the box. You will not really have to rely on one side to access your box content. Another advantage is that it allows you to perfectly arrange your items in this cargo box so that it can really accommodate its full 11cu feet capacity.

Universal Crossbar CompatibilityINNO Wedge Cargo Box

This cargo box is meant to connect with all car models. You don’t have to worry if it will be compatible or not INNO Wedge Cargo Box very compatible with the universal crossbar which allows you to fix it to any car model that you may be having.

ProsINNO Wedge Cargo Box

• It’s made of strong and durable material.
• Reduced noise when traveling at a high speed.
• Have a dual-side opening.
• Compatible with any car model.
• Safe and secure.

Customer reviews and scores INNO

Wedge Cargo Box has an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This is after an overall review of 10 customers. This shows how competent it is in the market.

Cons of product

The price of this cargo box is an alarming factor as many complain that it’s too high. The good thing is that it delivers perfectly so one may not regret spending that amount on it. Another problem is that the box may not hold perfectly if you do not mount it as recommended.

ConclusionINNO Wedge Cargo Box

Basing on these cargo box reviews, we believe that you can make the right choice whether to purchase it or not But if you are determined and you are already searching a cargo box for sale, than you can check on Amazon.

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